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One Comment on ““New Home”

  1. Haley Chapman

    I’ve been a devoted listener for years & love your program. I’m sure that doesn’t mean much since your show has gotten so popular & you get this all the time but your show is brilliant & special to me. It’s literally the only podcast I’ve ever listened to more than 2 episodes of– & I’ve listened to them all, some of them multiple times!
    Anyway, I wanted to know if you might ever do an episode about eating disorders. I’m a current residential patient at McCallum Place in St. Louis & think it might be an interesting topic. Obviously I’m biased because it’s relevant to me, but I think other listeners may benefit from it, too. I know that’s a vague thing to say: “do an episode on EDs”, but maybe something like the mental changes that happen to a person with an eating disorder (mood irregularities, how different a personality can radically change, weak central coherence & the rumination that occurs in a person suffering from an ED) or I’m not sure… you could probably come up with ideas of things to talk about :)

    I’m not sure if you would care to do that at all & it’s understandable if you don’t; it’s a scary topic, but an interesting one, psychologically speaking (in my opinion).

    Thanks for your show. & if you took the time to read all of this I appreciate it.

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