Episode 39: Mashups and the Future of Psychological Research


Have you heard about [easyazon-link asin="0071496270"]Mashups[/easyazon-link]? What do they have to do with psychology? In this video episode I show you how you use RSS feeds, Google Reader, and Yahoo Pipes to create a mashup that searches the web for the very latest information on psychological terms of interest to you. I’m not clairvoyant (is that the right term for people who can see the future?), but I think this IS the future of of research in psychology. Come take a look.

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Resources for this Episode

  • Click to take a look at the Psychology Researcher mashup I created on Yahoo Pipes. I’ll be updating it all the time to improve it, but for now if you want to change the search term from "alzheimer’s" to some other term, just click on Edit Source on the Yahoo Pipes page and change the term alzheimer’s in the three search boxes you’ll see on the screen.

  • You can set up an RSS reader for free at Google Reader where you can collect all the latest information from the top blogs in psychology.

  • One of the great blogs I mentioned in this episode is called PsyBlog. It is run by Jeremy Dean who is a frequent blogger on a variety of psychology topics. Check it out.

  • One of Jeremy’s blog posts is a series he created in which he lists a lot of excellent psychology blogs. Check out this post on his site.

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