Episode 72 (video): Memorize the Parts of the Brain

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Memorize the parts of the brain once and for all! If you need to memorize the parts of the brain and what they do, then here are some mnemonic devices to help you remember the parts of the brain (including the lobes of the brain). You will never forget the anatomy of the brain after this. Even if you’re not interested in the brain, this is how to improve your memory: use imagery – and preferably funny and unusual images that will stick in your mind. Using this approach will be successful in memorizing parts of the brain. If you’re looking for psychology mnemonics, this website is the place.

203 thoughts on “Episode 72 (video): Memorize the Parts of the Brain

  1. Wow your video is really great! It has been the most useful method for me in retaining the parts and functions of the brain. By making it so creative and teaching me how to use mnemonics in such a fun way not only helped to memorize the parts of the brain but gave me a new skill in strengthening my memory. Really great. Thank you so much!!!

  2. I laughed while I was watching this, honestly. My first reaction was, “This is super odd,” but I kept watching and lo and behold, it totally helped. Thank you for setting that up and making these details memorable! Keep it up! :)

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