Episode 132: Opera on the Brain

What part of your brain is lighting up when you’re singing? In this episode I take a look at a neat new study that involved having singers lie down in an MRI while their brains were scanned. Take a look at how your cerebellum, your parietal lobe your somato-sentory cortex and your amygdala are all involved in your ability to sing. I’ll also look at how mental rehearsal can positively affect how well you perform a task.

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  • Opera singing in the brain scanner


  1. hi! im a graduate of educational psychology in De La Salle University Manila.

    I just discovered about the beauty of podcasts and saw your podcast. I wanted to download all your episodes but then there are only 10 episodes remaining in iTunes.

    Earlier I saw hundreds, but then now they’re gone. Would happy to have assistance please. I love your podcast. Thanks! More power!

  2. Hi Toni: thanks for getting in touch. You’re right – as of today (Fri, Oct 15 2010) iTunes does not contain all of the 132 episodes. I figured out the problem and I believe it is fixed but it may take a day or so before iTunes updates and lists all the episodes. Thanks so much for your kind words and for letting me know!

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