Ep 254: How to Create Great Ways for Seniors to Live

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Senior Citizens Working Again

Senior Citizens Working AgainWhat comes to mind when you think “nursing home”? Not so good, right? Let’s change that. Let’s use what we learn from psychology to create exciting places for seniors to live. We’ve got the tools provided by Maslow’s Hierarchy and by Self Determination theory. Here’s one way we could revolutionize the “senior years”.

Motivation Theories

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy: Physiological needs, Safety needs, Belongingness, Self-Esteem, Self-Actualization
  • Self Determination theory: 3 key needs: Competence, Autonomy and Relatedness (acronym: CAR)

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2 Comments on “Ep 254: How to Create Great Ways for Seniors to Live”

  1. Patrick B

    I really liked this podcast, enough to come to your website and leave a reply, which is atypical for me.
    This topic of finding a way to engage and activate senior living is an interesting concept, one I recently gave some thought. Instead of a mall which could be active or not depending on the time of day and the shops involved, I thought a daycare and pre school would be a better option. It has all of the action, and ability to use the skills of our seniors, while also giving them a captive audience. I feel like this would provide them with a constant engagement if they were interested, or brief whirlwind of excitement. This would also engage a more community approach to society, something we have gotten away from, but we know is a big positive.

  2. Michael

    I like that idea Patrick. I agree now that I think of it that a mall can often be quiet while a school setting has some unique advantages. The older folks could read to the kids for example. I like it. Thanks for coming to the site to leave a comment.

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