Ep 307: Do Those i-Statements Actually Work and Did Koko the Gorilla Really Use Language as We Do?

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Do i-Statements Really Work?

Remember those “i-statements” you’re supposed to use when you get mad at someone? “I feel ____ when you ____ because ____“. Does that actually work? Does talking in this way resolve problems better and not get the other person defensive? We’re going to find out. Also, Koko the gorilla died recently. But did she really master sign language? Or is there less to this story than first appears? In this episode we put on our critical thinking caps and take a look.

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Resources on i-Statements

Here is the Friendos skit from Saturday Night Live. Notice the (incorrect) use of an “I-statement”. Anyone who has been in therapy will find this funny.

Here is the trailer for the movie “Rubber”. An excellent example of anthropomorism.

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