Ep 330: Trouble Sleeping? Psychologist Dr. Shelby Harris’ Approach to Treating Insomnia

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Dr. Shelby Harris' book The Women's Guide to Overcoming Insomnia

I haven’t talked about sleep problems yet here on the Psych Files so I brought in the perfect person to talk to us about sleep and insomnia. Dr. Shelby Harris has written the Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Insomnia and I learned a lot about how Cognitive Behavioral therapy is applied to this specific problem. Dr. Harris also has some tips you’ll want to hear to help you get a better night’s sleep.


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2 Comments on “Ep 330: Trouble Sleeping? Psychologist Dr. Shelby Harris’ Approach to Treating Insomnia”

  1. I am listening your podcast from beginning. You do a great job. I didn’t find your patreon, and i would like help you somehow. I am not fluent fluent in english and i use your podcast to practice listening, your content is very good, your voice is clear, you explain clearly the things, so i understand almost everything. That episode about about defense mechanism explained by freud was pretty good. Thank you for your job.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I put a lot of effort into each episode and it’s great to get feedback like yours. I appreciate¬†your desire to contribute to the Patreon campaign but I decided to down the campaign. I figured that since I’m lucky enough to now have regular sponsors of the show – like Ziprecruiterd and Wix – that contributions from individuals would not be needed. Thanks so much for the thought though!

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