The first Psych Files mobile device! BrainNmonX is the iPhone and iPod Touch version of the Brain Mnemonics PDF I sell here on The Psych Files website (click here to learn about this PDF).

Image of the Brain Mnemonics application on the iPhone

The BrainNmonX iphone/iPod Touch app contains 25 wacky images that will help you remember the parts and functions of 25 parts of the brain. I use the keyword mnemonics technique to select a small, concrete word from inside of a larger, more abstract word (such as the concrete word "Medal" from the word "Medulla"). I then create a wacky image to help you remember the functions of various parts of the brain. Now you can study for your biopsych test anywhere on your convenient iPhone or iPod Touch!

The Three Modes of the BrainNmonX iPhone App

You learn the parts of the brain by using these wacky images in three ways:

Brain Parts Mnemonics found in BrainNmonX for the iPhone:

Lobes of the Brain Brain Parts The Brainstem The Neuron Neurotransmitters
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Image of the Brain Mnemonics application on the iPhone

BrainNmonX has been carefully tested and should run flawlessly. However, if you have a problem, or would like to provide me with feedback about the app, feel free to contact me Michael AT thepsychfiles DOT com