Episode 56: What is Music Therapy?

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Interested in Music Therapy? Music therapy, which is often used with children with autism, can also be used in the classroom to help children learn patterns. In this interview music therapist Kamile Geist talks about types and techniques of music therapy.

Episode 30: Equine Assisted Therapy

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If you love horses and are interested in how they can be used therapeutically, then you’ll definitely want to hear this episode on Equine Assisted therapy. Recorded outside on a beautiful summer day.

Episode 6: The Negative Side of Positive Thinking

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What could possibly be wrong with thinking positively? As it turns out, there could be a lot wrong with it. Consider this: have you ever felt badly because you haven’t been thinking positively lately? There’s almost a certain amount of guilt to it. Join me in this episode of The Psych Files where we look at the good and the … Read More

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