Episode 129 (video): Science Shows Superstitions Actually Work! Sort of…

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Okay, admit it – you have some kind of lucky charm on you, in your car or in your house. And if you participate in any sport or performance activity you have some sort of ritual that you believe will help make you more successful. Well guess what – there is research to show that such charms and rituals really do help you perform better.

Episode 113: Interview with Scott Lilienfeld on the 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology

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In this interview Dr. Scott Lilienfeld, author of 50 Myths of Popular Psychology and we talk about, a) does the polygraph actually work?, b) do women talk more than men?, c) does handwriting analysis reveal your personality? and d) when you’re taking a multiple choice test should you change your first answer or leave it alone? Along the way we also talk about whether the full moon really does make people act strangely (and cause more dog bites). Finally, Dr. Lilienfeld provides his opinion on whether psychotherapists need to be more up-to-date on the scientific research behind the various types of psychotherapy.

Episode 3: Predictions, Predictions

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Have you ever heard of someone who says they can predict the future? Perhaps you’ve seen magazine articles in which someone claims to have predicted some famous event. The so-called Mayan calendar predicted the ed of the world in 2012, and Nostradamus comes to mind as someone who made a lot of predictions. What makes for a good predication and … Read More

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