Episode 115 (Video): Violent Video Games – What Does the Research Say?

MichaelResearch and Stats, Social Psychology27 Comments

Recent research on violent video games is pretty conclusive and you’re not going to like it: there’s good evidence that people if you play violent video games you might be less likely to a) notice aggressive events, b) perceive fewer or less severe injuries, c) feel less sympathy for violence victims, and d) have less negative attitudes towards violence. In this video I take a close look at this research.

Episode 111: Evolutionary Psychology – David Buss Responds to Critics

MichaelGender/Sexuality, Research and Stats8 Comments

There has been a lot of criticism of evolutionary psychology lately. How do researchers respond? One of the leading researchers in this field – Dr. David Buss of the University of Texas responds to these critics in part 1 of this 2 part episode. Find out how he responds to these questions: a) is evolutionary psychology sexist?, b) doesn’t evolutionary psychology just give people the ammunition they need to not take responsibility for themselves? c) theories from evolutionary psychology are not falsifiable, this it’s not scientific and d) human society is always changing – it hasn’t been stable enough long enough for any human behavior to have evolved.

Episode 109: Correlation and Causation

MichaelResearch and Stats10 Comments

Looking for examples of correlation and causation? You’ve heard it a million times: correlation doesn’t mean causation. Still need help? Well, here’s a humorous look at this topic that I think drives home the point. The Psych Files "Breaking News" explores whether satisfied workers are more productive and whether living together causes divorce. I hope you enjoy this unique video … Read More

Episode 69: Personal Space Invasions – Ethical Implications of one of Psychology’s Strangest Studies

MichaelEthics, History of Psychology, Research and Stats, Therapy5 Comments

Remember the psychological study conducted in a men’s room? Think it was silly? Unethical? Let’s revisit this study and take a close look at what the critics say and what the authors themselves have to say in response. A fascinating look at the ethics and history of research in psychology.

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