Episode 93: Your Brain on a Website

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How can you use psychology to design a website so people are likely to buy products from you? Or design a website so people are likely to donate money to your cause? In this episode Dr Susan Weinschenk discusses some of these ideas from her book Neuro Web Design. Ever thought you could apply brain science to web design?

Episode 91: The Psychology of Effective Meetings

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Do you hate meetings as much as I do? Business people and students often hate meetings and group projects because it’s hard to get everyone to participate and it’s hard to just get things done. I talk with professional project manager April Montana who shares with you some of her secrets to making group members get things done.

Episode 74: Social Influence in a Virtual World – A Virtual Door in the Face

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The Foot in the Door and the Door in the Face are two classic social influence techniques that have been heavily studied by psychologists. However, until now, no one has attempted them in a virtual world. Join me for this fascinating conversation with Paul Eastwick, who along with Dr. Wendy Gardner from Northwestern University ventured into There.com to see if … Read More

Episode 67: The Olympic Silver Medal? What a Bummer!

MichaelEmotion, Social Psychology

Psychologists say that winning the silver medal – coming in second – is actually less satisfying than coming in third – the bronze. Why is that? Find out why winning the silver is…a bummer.

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