Here are lists of my favorite books and apps for anyone interested in psychology. NOTE: these products were either created by me or are affiliate links to products I own and admire. This means that I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase any of them.

Memorize the Parts of the Brain in Minutes

Psychology Test Preparation Apps

Psyc Test Hero - the best test prep app for Psychology

Psychology News App

PsycExplorer - the Psychology News App

PsycExplorer – the Psychology News App

Productivity Tools

Here is a list of the tools I use every day to make me more productive:

  • TextExpander: I don’t know where I would be without this tool. With Textexpander you can eliminate A LOT of things you type repeatedly. After only a week or so you will wonder how you got along with it. Very highly recommended

  • Windows users: when I had a Windows machine I used PhraseExpander to do this kind of work and it is excellent. Believe me – you’ll be hooked on how much time you save using this tool after only a couple weeks.
  • 1Password: who can remember all those passwords? Plus you want added security from this tool because it creates very strong passwords and even remembers them on your smart phone.

Must Have (and Good Reads) Psychology Books

Parenting Books

15 Comments on “Resources”

  1. Emma

    Hi Michael,

    Great Podcast! Will 3D Brain and Brain Tutor 3D be released for Android?


  2. Emma

    Thanks Michael! Starting my Graduate Diploma in Psychology this year (in Australia) and I am really pleased I found your podcast and also the Psyc Test Hero App!


  3. swara kadir

    Hello Michael, a word of thanks for your podcast, I have found it informative and interesting. Thanks for your efforts. I would like to suggest that you do some podcasts on carl rogers or abraham maslow, like the one you did on Skinner.

  4. Michael

    Thanks. That’s a great idea – do an “audio collage” using Rogers or Maslow. I guess I chose Skinner because he’s a little more misunderstood than these two…although it’s true that many students leave a psych class thinking that the only thing Rogers ever contributed to psychology was to tell therapists to say to their clients, “What do YOU think about that?”. I might follow-up on this. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. John Victor Cogal

    Hi! I would to know when will these applications become available for Windows 8 Store? Windows 8 tablet users are growing fast considering the convenience of the features windows 8 have which Ipad/Iphone doesn't. I'm a Psychology Major. I just really hope that this would be available on Windows 8

    The compassion of having these information available for everyone is amazing. I'm one of those who really appreciate being able to access these information.

    I hope you'll continue your work where true knowledge isn't monopolized.

  6. michelle

    Hi Michael, so glad that I can across your site and android apps in time for my psychology course. First year student from Australia loving your work and youtube clips. Keep up the great work that you do. You're a great example of passion within the field.

  7. Debbie Cotton

    Dear Michael

    I am looking for apps to use in play therapy that will work on an ipad.
    Any ideas? It is for my psychology masters in using technology in therapy with children.
    Thanks for the informative site.

  8. Jacklin

    Hello. I was wondering if you had developed any apps that incorporated the DSM5 yet?

  9. Michael

    Excellent question. I have been working on Psyc Test Hero because the Disorders section still reflects DSM4. I'm in the process of updating it. I really needed to do this sooner but I've been really busy. I'm prioritizing it now. Appreciate the comment Jacklin. I'll leave a comment here once the update has been made and is live.

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  11. Angiedoodle

    I came on here to see what you looked like, I have listened to your podcasts for a long time and feel I know you. Thanks xx

  12. Michael

    I get that. I often wonder the same thing about people who host the podcasts I listen to – “What does he/she look like anyway?”. Especially because after you listen to someone so long you do feel like you know them. Kinda weird, but I think we all have that feeling. Perhaps a topic for a future podcast….Hmm. Thanks for visiting the site!


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