Ep 191: What Was B. F. Skinner Really Like?


Would you be surprised to learn that B.F. Skinner was a very likable guy and that you may actually be very much in agreement with his ideas? Many people who study psychology have a negative impression of Skinner. Well, I'm about to challenge those impressions by presenting a side of Skinner you probably haven't been exposed to. In these sound bytes you'll hear his ideas about learning to play music, about discovery, having fun and becoming the most that you can be. … [Read more...]

Episode 73: On the Folly of….Politics

On The Folly of Rewarding A While Hoping For B" is a well known article by Steven Kerr that appeared in The Academy of Management Executive. Kerr shows us that we need to carefully examine the rewards and punishments behind the behaviors we want to encourage in our society. An excellent example of how B.F. Skinner's ideas are so important. Steven Kerr's article is still so relevant today. In the "On The Folly..." article, Kerr states that, Whether dealing with monkeys, rats or human beings...most organisms seek information concerning what activities are rewarded and … [Read more...]

Episode 47: The Little Albert Study: What You Know is…Mostly Wrong

What happened to Little Albert? If you think you know a lot about the little Albert experiment conducted by John Watson? Well, guess what - you'd be surprised at how much of the story is simply not true. If you're wondering whatever happened to little Albert, whether the little Albert study created a lasting phobia in a small boy, or even what place this story has in the history of behaviorism, then I suggest you take a listen to this episode of The Psych Files and get the facts on this fascinating part of psychology's history. [adsenseyu2] "Little Albert"'s real name has been … [Read more...]

Episode 11: What Does Your Bowling Style Say About You?

In this video episode we look at superstitions and how they develop. We'll start with your bowling style. Your bowling style actually have a lot to say about superstitions - how you get them and why you keep them. For psychology students, here's a good example of operant conditioning at work in the real world. And by the way, why do you keep pressing that elevator button?. We'll look at that too. [adsenseyu2] Resources for this episode Go to the book Forty Studies that Changed Psychology: Explorations into the History of Psychological Research at Amazon. [adsenseyu2] Watch … [Read more...]