Ep 201: Mother Nature and Blaming the Victim

We know that many people have a tendency to blame victims even when something tragic and unexplainable happens to them. But did you know how easily this blaming can be triggered? If I were to describe a natural disaster and tell you about "mother nature's wrath" would you be more or less willing to help the victims? I'll also talk about two common occurrences in adolescence: the imaginary audience and the personal fable. Find out more in this episode of The Psych Files. … [Read more...]

Ep 196: What Men Need to Do to End Violence Against Others

Are jail time and new laws the only answers to men's violence against women, children, and other men? Or is there something every man can do to end these tragedies? In an earlier episode of The Psych Files in which I discussed Blaming the Victim, I talked about why there's a tendency to blame victims and to overlook the Optimism Bias that we all share (particularly younger folks). But podcast listener and psychotherapist Jackie Henry felt that I didn't go far enough in that episode, and she was right. We - especially men - need to think carefully about the way we talk about women in our … [Read more...]

Episode 139: Blaming the Victim in Reverse – the Justice Motive

I'll bet you've heard of the expression, "Whatever doesn't kill you...", or "Suffering is good for the soul". Could these expression represent another way that we deal with our own anxiety after we hear about someone else's tragedy? Could they be another way of blaming the victim? In this episode I explore the Justice Motive. Justice Motive Seery, Mark, Holman, A. & Cohen Silver, R (2010). Whatever does not kill us: Cumulative lifetime adversity, vulnerability, and resilience.. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Anderson, J.E., Kay, A.C., & Fitzsimons, G.M. (2010). In … [Read more...]

Episode 7: Blaming the Victim and other Attribution Biases

Blaming the victim - why do we do it? For example, are rape victims responsible for what happens to them? Are victims of car crashes or other accidents responsible for what happened to them? These are the kinds of questions we examine as we look at the strange human tendency to blame the victim.   Here is the concept map for the biases discussed in this show.   Here is my Concept Map Quiz!   Test yourself to see if you really know the difference between these types of biases (requires latest version of Flash). Blaming The Victim 1: Fundamental Attribution … [Read more...]