Episode 63: Cognitive Dissonance, the Monty Hall Problem and a Possible Resolution?

Cognitive Dissonance - one of the most established and respected theories in psychology - is under attack. An economist - M. Keith Chen - uses what is called the "Monty Hall problem" to show that the research on cognitive dissonance may be seriously flawed. In this episode I explain Chen's concerns about the research on and then I propose that a new study which uses neurofeedback to study cognitive dissonance may come to the rescue at just the right moment. Join me to find out how. Here is the table from M. Keith Chen's article, "Rationalization and Cognitive Dissonance: Do Choices … [Read more...]

Episode 8: Cognitive Dissonance Theory: Why Contradictions Bother Us So Much

Every since Leon Festinger gave us the term cognitive dissonance, we've been asking questions about contradictions in human behavior. For example, can you be pro choice and against the death penalty, or vice versa? That's the question we examine this week along with other quandries such as Gingrichs' affair and Al Gore's house. This week on The Psych Files. Quote of the week Here on page 407 of The Story of Psychology is a quote from a report called When Prophecy Fails, published in 1956: Suppose an individual believes something with his whole heart; suppose further that he … [Read more...]