Ep 152: How Do You Change Your Behavior? Interview with Scott Milford

Behavior ModificationHow does Behavior Modification work? Find out in this episode as I interview Scott Milford, author of the Behavior and Motivation website. If you’re about how to apply Psychology to everyday life then this is the guy to show you how he does it. In this episode we talk about how to get kids to practice the piano, but you’ll quickly see how this approach could be applied to all kinds of other life challenges. Scott developed his approach over many years of working with young people both at the piano and with at-risk adolescents in school. See how Psychology can be put to work!
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On Yawning, Swearing, Credit Cards and Sex: Psych Files Brief #1

In this first “Psych Files Brief” episode, we look at whether swearing actually reduces your sensation of pain (ever stub your toe?), whether or not vertical stripes actually do make you look thinner (no surprise – the answer is no), whether you’re more likely to run up that credit card when you’re feeling low, and why is it (and when is it) that yawns become contagious?

Psychology Articles and Research

  • Men ponder food and sleep as much as sex
  • Horizontal Stripes: Friend or Foe?
  • People Pay With Credit Cards When Their Self-Esteem Is Threatened
  • Swearing helps beat that *&^%ing pain
  • Episode 135: Adele Faber Interview on Parenting (Part 1)

    Are you familiar with Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish‘s classic book “How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk“? You should be. It’s not just for parents. The ideas in this book and in their other books should be required reading for all of us, but especially for parents, therapists and anyone interested in what we can do to better communicate with each other. I think you will be as charmed as I was listening to Adele and I encourage you to listen to part 2 of this interview.

    We want to put an end to talk that wounds the spirit, we want to create an emotional climate that encourages children to cooperate because they care about themselves, and because they care about us.

    Episode 134: Hypnosis – Myth and Reality

    What do you think of hypnosis? Might you be surprised to hear that hypnosis has been accepted by the American Psychological Association? And that there is recent research that strongly supports the so-called trance stare? Hypnosis has a fascinating and controversial history but today it deserves some respect. Still, it’s not a cure-all. Take a trip with me through the history of this fascinating topic on The Psych Files.

    Resources on Hypnosis