Episode 140: Psychoanalyzing Jack Lalanne

In this episode I put Jack Lalanne "on the couch". I take selections from several of his videos and see what they reveal about his personality. He was clearly passionate about exercise, but what drove this passion? What was his underlying motivation? I suggest that his relationship with his father was crucial to his passion for exercise and fitness. Join me as I do a little armchair psychoanalysis of Jack Lalanne. The Ripped and the Righteous … [Read more...]

The Brain Science Podcast Interview on Exercise and the Brain

Dr. Ginger Campbell hosts an excellent podcast which I highly recommend. It's called the Brain Science podcast. In episode 33 she interviews Dr. John Ratey about his new book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. As my regular listeners know, I've been working hard lately to get in shape and this interview was very enlightening. I went right out and bought the book (you'll find a link to the book from the Brain Science podcast site). Check out this episode and her excellent podcast. Brain Science Podcast … [Read more...]

Episode 57: Expectancy Theory, Goal Setting and Getting in Shape

Expectancy Theory and Losing Weight

Confused about expectancy theory? I'll clear things up in this episode. It can be a little complicated but I'll use the familiar example of losing weight to nail this idea down. I'll also talk about goal setting. What's the psychology behind getting in shape? In this episode of The Psych Files podcast I examine two established theories of human motivation - goal setting and expectancy theory. If you've tried the Atkins diet, the south beach diet some other low carb diet plan or even (yikes!) a lemonade diet, then it's time to try something different - get into your head just a little bit … [Read more...]