Episode 128: Do Brain Training Games Work?

Do Brain Training Games Work?

You’ve probably heard about these Brain Training games. Do they really help you keep your mind sharp? Will they prevent cognitive decline as you get older or will they slow the effects of alzheimer’s disease? In this episode I review some recent studies on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of these popular games.

Brain Games Research

Episode 115 (Video): Violent Video Games – What Does the Research Say?

There’s always plenty of talk about the effects of video games (including this recent article on the positive and negative effects of video games. Recent research on violent video games is pretty conclusive and you’re not going to like it: there’s good evidence that people if you play violent video games you might be less likely to a) notice aggressive events, b) perceive fewer or less severe injuries, c) feel less sympathy for violence victims, and d) have less negative attitudes towards violence. In this video I take a close look at this research as well as one study which claims the complete opposite: that violent video games are perceived by players as merely “rough and tumble play” and that violence actually enhances performance. Who should you believe? The video is about 28 minutes long.

Resources on Video Game Violence