Episode 68: Mnemonic Device for Erikson’s Eight Stages of Development

Memorize Erik Erikson's Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development once and for all! In this video episode I have a little fun using the peg word mnemonic device and ordinary household objects to show how mnemonics work and how to apply them to the challenge of memorizing Erikson's eight stages. Get the latest psychology news, audio, video and tweets - the PsycExplorer app Ace your next Psyc Test! The Psyc Test Hero smartphone app! Here are the mnemonics I used in the video: Bun (Trust vs. Mistrust) a "rust" … [Read more...]

Episode 21: Erikson’s Eight Stages of Life

Want to learn more about Erik Erikson's eight stages of life? In this episode I describe each stage and give examples. We take a stroll through the various phases of life: from childhood, to adolescence, into mid-life and then we listen to two interesting voices of men nearing the end of their lives and they do so with very different perspectives John Wayne and Roy. NOTE: If you have any trouble using the above player, try this SoundCloud player: Memorize Erikson's Eight Stages Once And For All! Click the image below to hear brief interviews with individuals from Erikson's … [Read more...]