Ep: 167: The Fat Trap – How Not to Get Discouraged About Difficulty Losing Weight

Guess What? Bad news: if you've ever been overweight and you're trying to lose weight it's even harder than you think. Yikes. Pretty de-motivating. As psychologist Matthew Edlund wrote recently, Weight: Why Simple Answers Won't (Can't) Work. However, let's see what motivational psychologists would have to say about this. How to keep from throwing up your hands at the whole effort. Resources on the Difficulty of Losing Weight The Fat Trap by Tara Parker-Pope, New York Times, December 28, 2011. Episode 126 (video): SuperNormal Stimuli: Is This Why We’re Overweight? There … [Read more...]

Episode 126 (video): SuperNormal Stimuli: Is This Why We’re Overweight?

There are many reasons why it is difficult to lose weight, but have you considered how supernormal stimuli might be one of them?  In this episode I discuss some of the ideas in the books Waistland and Supernormal Stimuli by Dierdre Barrett.  Is it possible that the old saying Everything in Moderation might just be wrong?  And will Small Changes really help you to get in shape or are radical changes really the way to go? … [Read more...]

Episode 83: New Year’s Resolutions to Lose Weight: Why So Hard To Keep?

Why is it so hard to keep our new year's resolutions to lose weight? I explore this question in this episode in which I also take a tour through the various schools of psychology and show how each one would explain why you have trouble keeping your promise to yourself to lose weight (or stay out of debt, or stop smoking). [adsenseyu2] Concept Map - In t his video I refer to the concept mapping program as "MeadMap". Well, the company "CoMapping" purchased MeadMap. However, the program still looks and runs the same. You'll see the map below, but you can see it full size by clicking here: … [Read more...]