Episode 30: Equine Assisted Therapy

If you think that therapy with horses is just another form of "pet therapy" well...so did I...at first. But Equine Assisted therapy is something different. If you love horses and are interested in how they can be used therapeutically, then you'll definitely want to hear this episode. Learn more about this unique form of therapy from Nancy King, director of A Horse Connection. Recorded outside on a beautiful summer day. Resources for this Episode Learn more about Equine Assisted therapy from the Horse Connection website. You can also learn more about this type of therapy from … [Read more...]

Episode 12: The Necessity of the Frame in Psychotherapy

What is the frame in psychotherapy and why do we need to keep it from breaking? This week I discuss the importance of boundaries and guidelines set forth by [easyazon-link asin="0345364317"]Robert Langs[/easyazon-link], MD regarding how to know when your relationship with your therapist is healthy - and when it is not. I also talk about the concepts of transference and countertransference in psychotherapy. [adsenseyu2] Notes From This Episode Download a Word doc on Lang's guidelines for psychotherapy. Go to the webpage for the European Society for Communicative Psychotherapy where … [Read more...]

Episode #5: In Defense of Defense Mechanisms

It seemed time to do a podcast on Freud. The subtitle of this episode is "Don't Throw Freud out with the Bathwater". Too many people dismiss Freud because he had a few controversial ideas, but as I try to point out in this podcast, many of Freud's ideas were very influential and can, with a little attention, be seen in everyday life. [adsenseyu2] Click the image below to see a concept map of the defense mechanisms discussed in this episode. Here are my show notes for this episode: NOTE: I want to thank listener Allen Esterson for helping to improve the accuracy of the … [Read more...]