Ep 145: Why a Tiger Mom Approach to Parenting Does NOT Work

Feeling guilty about not being a Tiger Mom (or Dad)? Let me give you 3 reasons why you don't have to feel that way. Get yourself ready for the next time that someone says that you (or parents in general) have to be tougher on our kids. You've probably heard about the authoritarian parenting style advocated by Amy Chua in her Tiger Mom book. Lots of Americans think she has good point that the problems with American kids is that they are being raised with too much leeway, and that we're not being tough enough on them. The reason, they say, that our Math scores are too low is that we're … [Read more...]

Episode 138: Zombies – 6 Reasons Why We Are So Fascinated By Them

Zombie Fascination eBook

Afraid of zombies? Heard about the coming zombie apocalypse? Have you watched the TV show [easyazon-link asin="B0049P1VHS"]The Walking Dead[/easyazon-link] or ever seen a movie about Zombies (perhaps [easyazon-link asin="B002WY65VU"]Zombieland[/easyazon-link] or [easyazon-link asin="B0002ABURA"]Dawn of the Dead[/easyazon-link])? Zombie Fascination What is so fascinating about the undead? Why do many of us get a strange pleasure out of seeing a zombie get killed? In this episode I explore that strange part of ourselves which seems to enjoy watching the undead get really dead. The … [Read more...]

Episode 125: False Memories – How Can Your Memory Be So Bad?


We tend to believe our memories are accurate, but they are far from it. The Supreme Court is finally beginning to realize this, now we even may have A physiological marker for false memories. What we remember is a hodge-podge, a patchwork of images, stories, and bits and pieces from our past. In this episode I describe some of the very interesting research showing how our memories can be manipulated in surprising ways. Learn why you loved asparagus as a kid (really you did, really). [adsenseyu2] Elizabeth Loftus and Eyewitness Testimony Psychologist [easyazon-link … [Read more...]