Episode 45: Basic Research Design – Part 1

Independent variables, dependent variables, t-tests, anovas, the experimental method, between subjects, within subjects, confounds...confused? You won't be after you watch this week's video episode. Learn research methods in psychology the fun way - by choosing an interesting topic. In this video I explain the basic concepts of research while examining the effect of gray hair on credibility. More fun than...let me think...well, trust me, it'll be interesting. [adsenseyu2] Resources for This Episode The web site where you can change your appearance by mixing your photo with … [Read more...]

Episode 37: The Effects of Video Game Violence

Image via WikipediaWhat do psychologists think about the effects of violent video games and violence in the media on viewers? Does it lead people to be more aggressive? More violent? Or is it the other way around - that aggressive people are drawn to violent media? We explore this question in this episode along with taking a close look at the classic "Bobo" doll study that was conducted by Albert Bandura. And we throw in a little James Bond along the way. [adsenseyu2] Resources For This Episode Here's the article that appeared in the Stanford News Service which announces the … [Read more...]

Episode 16: Personal Space Invasion: What Happens When Someone Invades Your Personal Space?

Do feel slightly uncomfortable in the bathroom? How does the presence of others in the bathroom affect you? What about places other than the bathroom? How close is too close? A psychological study was done in 1976 in which psychology researchers hid in men's bathrooms to observe...well, you'll find out. Learn more about personal space in this episode of The Psych Files. The article discussed in this episode: Middlemist, R. D., Knowles, E. S. & Matter, C.F. (1976). Personal Space Invasions in the Lavatory: Suggestive Evidence for Arousal. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, … [Read more...]

Episode 13: Big Brother? What Your Grocery Store Knows About You

Psychological Research in your life: does your local grocery store know more about you than you do? We take a look at the research that's been done to learn more about your behavior in the supermarket and how that information is used to get you to buy more than you planned for. From the MSN article "15 Ways Stores trick you into spending" Shopping Carts: they are large and tend to be right near the entrance to entice you to use them Toys: far from the entrance The most expensive versions of items are at eye level while bulk options are at the bottom Items that are not on sale are … [Read more...]

Episode 11: What Does Your Bowling Style Say About You?

In this video episode we look at superstitions and how they develop. We'll start with your bowling style. Your bowling style actually have a lot to say about superstitions - how you get them and why you keep them. For psychology students, here's a good example of operant conditioning at work in the real world. And by the way, why do you keep pressing that elevator button?. We'll look at that too. [adsenseyu2] Resources for this episode Go to the book Forty Studies that Changed Psychology: Explorations into the History of Psychological Research at Amazon. [adsenseyu2] Watch … [Read more...]