Episode 84: How To Make Learning Fun Again Part 1 – Piaget

Image via Wikipedia Can we make learning as fun as it was when you were a child? We can. Listen to Dr. Eugene Geist as he explains the cognitive development theories of Jean Piaget and you'll understand why we are all geared to learn. We actively seek out learning experiences. How can we keep that excitement alive? Find out in this episode and in the episodes to follow as we examine ideas such as constructivism, problem-based Learning, inquiry-based learning and democratic schools. This episode will also be helpful if you need to learn the different stages of Piaget's theory of … [Read more...]

Psychology Research Methods: Check Out “The Mappr”!

Taking a psychology class? Confused about Research Methods? Let me know what you think of a new tool I built which I call the "MAPPR". That stands for "Make A Personal Psych Review" (best name I could come up with). Here's what it does: I've selected a typical topic from an Intro Psych course: the scientific method (might be referred to as Research Methods in your textbook) and I chose what I think are the bold terms that most students of psychology would have to learn from the chapter on this topic. I put these terms into a concept map and then recorded my own explanations … [Read more...]

Video Walkthrough: Setting up a Blog, uploading audio, and using RSS

If you're interested in how to set up a blog, how to post audio files to the web, and how to use RSS and iTunes to let students know about new audio, I created a video walkthrough which shows how all this is done. Maybe you'll find this helpful. Some of this information on how and why to create educational blogs and podcasts can be found in this article I wrote for the PsychTeacher discussion list. A PowerPoint presentation of some of these ideas can also be found on that page. … [Read more...]

Episode 22: The Brains Behind Erikson Part 1 – Timeliner

I decided that it was time to look at the biology behind the changes that occur in our lives as we grow. As I put my ideas together to do this, I employed a very neat program called Timeliner. It is so cool in fact that I decided to do an episode solely on how to use Timeliner, especially the tool called "merge". If you are an educator I think you'll find this episode interesting. It shows how to use Timeliner to compare timelines that focus on different aspects of life - in this case I merge Erikson's stages with significant events in my life and then with some of the significant the … [Read more...]