Heuristics (Video): Rules of Thumb Explained – Episode 151


We all take shortcuts when we are making decisions. And in those shortcuts often lie our mistakes. In this episode find out the difference between the availability and representativeness heuristics, as well as the “Take the Best“, Hindsight, and the Base Rate Neglect (Fallacy) heuristics. Lots of examples of these heuristics at work are included. Let’s face it – we all have lazy minds! Either that or we’re all too busy to try to weed through complicated statistics and probabilities. Heuristics help us make decisions fast. But are they the right ones?

Episode 114 (video): Finding Little Albert


Little Albert – If you’re wondering what happened to Little Albert, well, one of the most famous subjects in the history of psychology has finally been found. Researchers spent 7 years tracking down every possible lead in order to discover who John Watson’s "Albert B" really was. In this video episode I take you through each step of the extensive detective work to uncover his identity. It’s a fascinating, creative, and in the end touching journey. Some never seen before pictures are included. Join me in this episode of The Psych Files.


As much as Pavlov’s dogs, Skinner’s pigeons, and Milgram’s obedience experiments, the conditioning of Albert is the face of psychology. To many, Little Albert embodies the promise and, to some, the dangers inherent in the scientific study of behavior” – Beck, et al, p. 613

Resources for this Episode

  • Beck, H. P., Levinson, S., & Irons, G. (2009). Finding Little Albert: A Journey to John B. Watson’s Infant Laboratory. American Psychologist, 64, 605-614.
  • Many thanks to Hall Beck for his support, background information and photos that appear at the end of this episode. Professor Hall Beck‘s homepage at Appalachian State University.
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  • More information on the myths and truths of the famous Little Albert Study can be found here in episode 47.
  • I am happy to share the slides I used in the video. The slides were created in Apple Keynote, which you can download by clicking here: Finding Little Albert. A PowerPoint version can be downloaded by clicking here: Finding Little Albert, and a pdf version is available by clicking here: Finding Little Albert.

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